Equipment shoot - Dazzle Harness and rope from Hurtta

Tellus and I have been so lucky to be a part of Hurtta test team 2017! We get some nice product during the year to test out! Here we have been testing out Hurtta dazzle harness and rope. Link to the products can you find here:
Dazzle Harness 
Dazzle Rope 

I love Tellus Dazzle harness and the matching rope! The design is perfect and the visibility is outstanding! Both the color and reflectors on the leash and harness makes us very visible in bad weather and in the dark. 

The harness is padded in front, and soft to the dogs chest. It´s easy to adjust the size both around the neck and around the chest. 

Great natural movement in his shoulders in this harness. 

Great natural movement in his shoulders in this harness. 

I also love the dazzle rope! During walks on leash, i prefer longer leash, so the dogs get more freedom. But during training, even if its agility, obedience or seach, it´s a perfect leash to just transport the dog! And its easy and quick to clip the leash together so you can wear it over your shoulders.  Tellus is mostly off leash wherever we go, but I always bring a leash to our walks if we meet dogs, people or other things when I just pass the obstacle before he is off leash again. Then this leash is also perfect for this. I can tight the leash around myself, its short and not in the way when I am walking or when we are training off leash - perfect!

The leash also has the same great visibility as the harness. It comes in visible colors and also with reflectors. The handle is padded and really comfy to hold on to. Perfect size for our use, love the design and the visibility is so important! My two favorites products so far!

On some of the pictures Tellus is also wearing Padded Collar in black. A comfy, easy adjustable collar made in neopren (dries quickly after being wet, but we haven't testet that yet). A good thing is also that the pressure are not on the clips on the collar, thats a really good thing if you have a strong dog. Tellus are using this collar in size 55cm.

Finishing off with some shots of Hippie and Castor that also has the Dazzle harness ;)